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Asphalt & Concrete Tips

At Edmonds Paving, we realize the enormity of the expense associated with concrete replacement or even a repair. Therefore, below we offer a series of helpful tips we have found helpful in protecting the life of your investment. If you have any questions, please contact Edmonds Paving at 214-957-3216.

  1. NEVER drive on a newly poured blacktop! Always allow a minimum of two days for the blacktop to cure. Vehicles left stationary may leave tire marks. Also, ladders, lawn chairs and anything else with small legs may leave impressions.
  2. Newly designed blacktop should be sealed approximately three months after installation in order to protect it from gas, oil and sun oxidation. At that time, please call Edmonds Paving we will gladly continue to protect your property value.
  3. Newly sealed concrete should also be allowed to cure a minimum of twenty-four hours before driving on it. Particularly in the heat of the Texas summer months, the tires of a vehicle may scuff your new sealer if the pavement is driven on before given the opportunity to cure properly.
  4. We at Edmonds Paving also recommend resealing of your pavement about every 2-3 years in order to maintain proper wear of the asphalt.
  5. Also keep in mind preventative is always much more economical than replacement or repairs. Take care of your concrete surfaces just if they were a part of the inside of your home or office. Never would you use a heavy abrasive soap to clean new carpets, tile or any other fixture inside, why would do anything different on the outside. Avoid the use of a heavy deicer the first winter if at all possible. Use just plain sand instead!
  6. Even after the first year, we recommend a sealer to be applied prior to deicing.
  7. Because they rapidly will result in disintegration of concrete, never use deicers containing ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate.
  8. As the temperatures rise throughout the day so will the temperatures of your driveway. Consequently, your new pavement will tend to soften as a result. Our experts recommend watering your driveway or parking lot at least once a day.
  9. During the first year of your new parking lot's life, try not to park in the same spot every time. Also, avoid turning the wheel while the car is not moving. By doing so, you will create "power steering marks" in the pavement.
  10. Remember that the edges of your pavement are the most vulnerable to cracking and breaking. A backfill of topsoil will not only provide a great support around those edges but also enhance the overall appearance and provide easier maintenance.

We hope that we have answered all your questions and that this site has been helpful to you. However, should you have any questions, know that we are here for you. Please do not hesitate to call Edmonds Paving at 214-957-3216. If you would like to schedule a free estimate, we are available at your convenience and will be happy to see you in the future!

Thank you for your interest in Edmonds Paving.  We look forward to taking care of all your paving needs!
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